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TTRockstars and NumBots

Knowledge, quick recall, and application of multiplication and associated division facts are important for building confidence in Mathematics. This is developed through regular and conscientious practise. 

At Springdale, we use TTRockstars and NumBots to add a little fun to learning our times tables. These are online platforms that provide students and teachers with a number of different ways to practise their times tables and number facts in order to build speed and fluency.

Multiplication Tables Check

In Year 4, children will be tested on all of their times tables (multiplication only) and will need to answer each question within 6 seconds before the test moves on to the next question. This test is called the Multiplication Tables Check (MTC). A similar version of the test can be found in TTRockstars called the ‘Sound Check’.

We strongly recommend that children are constantly rehearsing their times tables to build speed, fluency and confidence with them. This is best done in any arena besides ‘Jamming’ as ‘Jamming’ does not have a time setting so does not challenge children to build speed.

When children are first introduced to a new times table, 'Jamming' is a safe place for children to build up knowledge of this times table without the added pressure of a timer. Once children are developing confidence, they should then start practising the times table in 'Garage' where the teacher will have set the correct multiplication fact for the children to learn.

Maths Rockstars

At Springdale, we understand the importance of building children’s confidence in Mathematics. A major part of this is developing their speed and fluency with basic number facts.

In order to achieve this, we (and Max Power!) have constructed a number-facts programme called ‘Maths Rockstars’. This will work alongside NumBots and TTRockstars which are our online learning platforms.

Maths Rockstars works in ‘Steps’, building up their speed and fluency of simple additions before moving onto multiplication and division facts. Children are given a set time to complete their worksheet that will contain a different number of ‘Steps’.

Once children have ‘mastered’ each worksheet, they will progress to the next ‘Step’. ‘Mastered’ refers to children answering all questions correct in the step timeframe.
The ‘Steps’ children need to achieve at the end of each academic year are listed below:
Year 1 – Step 6
Year 2 – Step 12
Year 3 – Step 18
Year 4 – Step 28

Year groups 2, 3, and 4 will start receiving their Maths Rockstars sheets within the next couple of weeks. Year 1 will only receive their Maths Rockstar sheets at the beginning of the Summer Term when children are more ready for this type of learning.

Practice sheets will be sent home to allow children time to rehearse these key facts before being assessed on their progress in school. We strongly recommend that children constantly revise learnt facts, not just the Steps they are on, to ensure retention.