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Geography Intent at Springdale First School.

At Springdale First School, we believe that our learners will be curious, fascinated and inspired by geography and the world around them. Our aim is for children to have a diverse knowledge of the natural world, different environments, people, and places that remains with them for the rest of their lives.

Our Geography Curriculum will deepen as learners progress through our school as children will become experts at analysing, evaluating and critiquing. Our Springdale curriculum also follows the approach ‘here, near and far’. In KS1 children begin by looking at their immediate surroundings, then their local area and finally compare this to the United Kingdom. In KS2 they build on this knowledge and begin to link local knowledge to national and finally global. They will make links between their Geographical Knowledge, the environment, and the changes across our world. When children leave Springdale First School they will have a deep awareness of their place in the world and the impact they have on it. We hope that our children will grow into adults that value a strong community and take responsibility for their ever-changing surroundings.

Springdale’s Geography Curriculum is knowledge-based. Children will continuously learn through repetition and interleaving of the key Geographical concepts. These concepts are listed below and will continually be revisited and explored across the academic journey of a child at our school. Each concept is underpinned by key vocabulary and knowledge that will be explicitly taught in Geography. 

Location and Place

Human and Physical Geography



Directional Skills

Weather and Climate

Environment and Sustainability