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Upton Heath Trip

A great time was had by all on the Year 4 Science trip to Upton Heath.

We are so lucky to have the heath on our doorstep.  Did you know that one fifth of the world's heathland habitat is found in the UK?  And much of that heathland is found in Dorset?  

The education officers from Urban Heaths Partnership imparted a wealth of knowledge, telling the children about the animals and plants that live on the heath and explaining that due to the soil conditions, only certain plants can thrive there.  The children went on a plant hunt, collecting samples of common plants on Upton Heath.  

The children were surprised to find out that Dorset heaths are home to all six native reptiles.   The children looked at photographs of these reptiles and used a branching classification key to identify them.

The children found out all about how the heathland in Dorset has become fragmented over time and how this habitat loss is a danger to the wildlife that lives there.  Through discussions and a game, they learnt that there are several reasons for habitat loss, including heath fires, trampling and erosion of soil and vegetation by walkers, dogs and cyclists and how people and dogs can cause disturbance to ground-nesting birds.

Take a look at the photos below!