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Stone Age Forest School

Year 3 have been studying the Stone Age to Iron Age. They have been busy looking at, comparing and contrasting the different time periods and understanding what life was like during each one. To finish their topic, students took part in a Stone Age Day which involved being outside learning for the whole time. They took part in a number of activities in our school woods including:

  • Den building - both natural and modern dens (even testing their water tightness!)
  • Fire making and bread cooking
  • Fire Safety
  • Making and using natural dyes
  • Stone Age pottery making
  • Tracking activities

The children had a fabulous time as you can see from the pictures with bread making (and tasting) being an absolute highlight. 

Thank you to all the parents for their support with this day, we hope you heard all about it when your children got home. Thanks also to Marina who ran the day for us.