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Religious Education

We believe that all children, regardless of their faith or culture should feel welcome at Springdale First School.  In order to achieve this, as part of our broad curriculum, we teach children about worldwide beliefs and practices to encourage an understanding of others beliefs, feelings and actions and encourage children to think critically and sensitively about their learning.  We facilitate independent thinking in a safe and non-judgemental environment.  To this end, it is our intention that children leave Springdale First School with a knowledge of the main world religions, including; Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism and Buddhism.  By having this knowledge, children have an insight into different cultures, and it no longer seems strange or unusual to them.  Alongside the teaching of knowledge, we teach children to consider others beliefs sensitively and respectfully.  We teach them to listen carefully but to draw their own conclusions and follow their own beliefs.  We feel it is important for children to be able to see or hear information and critically assess it without feeling that they have to believe everything they are told. We teach them to judge each story they hear on its own merits, respect others beliefs and feel comfortable with their own beliefs. Our aim is for children to leave Springdale with a solid understanding of the main World Religions and an eagerness to build on this knowledge.