Leeson House Residential

10th May 2018

A big well done to all of our Year 4 children for a fantastic trip to Leeson House. Their behaviour on our residential was brilliant and all of the staff were very proud of each and everyone of them.

A trip report written by Kestrels:

When we arrived at Leeson on the coach, we put our bags and suitcases in the hall and got ready for our adventure! Before long, we were prancing through wild woodlands before entering an emerald green, luscious field. After that, we stopped to learn about how old the fascinating rocks in the local area were. Chalk is 90 million years old and limestone is 120 million years old – that’s really old! After some more walking in the hot sunshine, we arrived at Spyway Barn before beginning out descent down the steep slopes of Dancing Ledge. Our view for lunch was very picturesque as we munched on our sandwiches. After lunch, we went fossil hunting and found some natural crystals. One had an ammonite on it!  Next, Kestrels and Sparrowhawks both had the choice of three routes. One that was short but very steep, one that was slightly longer and slightly flatter and one that was very long and that hardly had any hill at all. Of course, we chose the steepest route because we heard the word ‘short’ but we didn’t moan once…! Once we were at the top, we heard another smuggling story before starting our walk back to Leeson.

Once back at Leeson, we found out who would be in our rooms and we had a fire drill before dinner. Dinner was really yummy – sausages and chips! After dinner, we then had to try and make our beds – one room took 45 minutes just to put one pillow case on and lots of us ended up wearing out duvet covers as dresses!

In the evening, we got the chance to visit the Leeson House shop and play games in the hall. After that, we took part in some team building games and orienteering activities before drinking some yummy hot chocolate and singing songs. Bed time was definitely needed after our busy day!

We slept all night long...honest! In the morning, we stripped our beds, hoovered our rooms and got ready for breakfast. Someone even tried to put butter on their cereal! After breakfast, we brushed our teeth and packed our bags before starting our day. We got to take part in pond dipping and make some environmental art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. Would you believe we caught 11 newts? Before long, it was lunch and time to head back to Springdale. We had the best time ever at Leeson and we really didn’t want to come back! It was the best school trip ever!

"Pupils thrive at the school, developing outstanding attitudes to learning due to the excellent relationships they form with adults and the very practical, interesting and challenging lesson activities provided. Their excellent behaviour is evident in all aspects of school life."