Absence from Learning 

There is a clear link between a child’s progress and their attendance at school and our school, in line with all other schools, is expected to adhere to government guidanceFrom September 2017 to July 2018 the average attendance for the school was 97%.  Please help us to continue to achieve high levels of attendance as good attendance is linked to high academic achievement. 

How do schools work out my child’s attendance?

Schools count each day as two sessions – morning and afternoon. Your child has to attend 10 full sessions (five days, morning and afternoon) each week to achieve 100 per cent attendance for that week. 

Please avoid keeping your child away from school if you can, as the link between school attendance and good progress is well documented. This is particularly important at the beginning of term when new routines and friendships are being established and at key assessment times.

Attendance Matters

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"Pupils thrive at the school, developing outstanding attitudes to learning due to the excellent relationships they form with adults and the very practical, interesting and challenging lesson activities provided. Their excellent behaviour is evident in all aspects of school life."